10 Reasons to Preserve your Video Tapes with UCanView

October 21, 2009 at 8:13 pm | Posted in 8MM, VHS | Leave a comment
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1 It’s easy.

From the beginning, we’ve designed UCanView to be understandable and intuitive, but also robust.

2 Your tapes won’t last forever.

All materials deteriorate over time, especially the delicate magnetic tape in your old videos. Whether getting regular use or just sitting in a closet, now your old tapes probably don’t even look as good as when you first took them, thanks to natural wear.

3 The machines that play your videos will not last forever.

I’ve personally had three VCRs break within the past year. A couple of my old camcorders recently fell apart as well. Lucky for me, I’d backed-up the old videos. Otherwise I couldn’t play them back.

4 We provide not 1, but 2 main services.

With every tape processed, you’ll receive a DVD as well as access to an electronic version which is securely viewed from your UCanView account.

5 See your videos again.

When’s the last time you’ve watched them anyway? Most people don’t regularly watch home movies because it takes hooking up a camera, digging through a pile of tapes, fast-forwarding to the good parts, and many more hassles. With our site, you can quickly and easily watch any part of any video with just a few clicks.

6 Brighten somebody’s day.

You can share your videos instantly and privately with only the people that you want. I can testify that my Mother regularly watches many of my videos.

7 Preserve your memories.

When I used UCanView, I was surprised by how many things that I’d forgotten about, including trips that I hadn’t realized were even videotaped, and how everyone looked when they were younger.

8 We save you time.

Why spend days and weeks transferring videos at home when we can do it all for you.

9 We save you the headache.

In order for you to get tapes online and on DVD, you’d have to buy equipment, edit and compress your videos, burn DVDs, upload, privatize, and more. UCanView does it all for you and with better quality results.

10 Flat-Rate Shipping.

No matter how much you send us, until further notice, all return shipping is just $7.50 for FedEx Ground service within the continental US.

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