Best Place For DVD Duplication

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Check out Boston DVD Duplication for all of your DVD duplication needs. They offer a very fast turnaround and you can get as few or as many copies as you want. They can make the highest quality DVD possible from your videotape master or you can provide an authored DVD for them to duplicate. Easy to find, located on Newbury St. in Boston, MA.

VHS Tapes Make Great Skins for Your Fancy New Electronics

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An artist named Hollis Brown Thornton has designed iPod, iPad, laptop and even a skateboard skin to remind us of the wonderful VHS tapes of our youth.  His new line of skins is called VHS heroes and it looks really cool. You can buy them over on This a great to give your new gizmos an old school look.

VHS iPad, iPod, laptop skins

Remember That Old Commercial on TV

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I just came across a site in which you can order dvds and VHS tapes of old commercials. Lionel has put a ton of effort into archiving and preserving old commercials. At one point he was looking for some old commercials and really couldn’t find anything good. So then he started trading and buying high quality videos of old commercials to sell on the web. These old commercials will bring you back to yourt childhood. I only wish I could find an area on his site to view some samples. It seems like a very unique idea. Some commercials are really well done and they are only on TV for a short period of time untill they disappear. I always wondered where these classic commercials went to. Apparently Lionel took them. There are old toy and electronics commercials. Aslo lots of candy and food commercials.

Disposing of Computer and Electronic Parts and Accessories

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It can be a huge hassle trying to find a safe way to get rid of old electronic parts and accessories. It also can seem like such a waste tossing out used ink cartridges, old CD’s and video tapes, etc… We are in an age where we go through electronics very quickly because the technology advances so rapidly.
There are various new companies that can recycle and reuse these materials. offers lots of options for recycling. You can send them your recyclable items yourself or they can mail you a box. They even sell the recycled items they make like Cd’s and cases.

They can recycle

* CDs & DVDs, diskettes, and their cases
* Video and audio tapes and their cases
* Inkjet and toner cartridges
* Cell phones, pagers and PDAs
* Cords, cables, mice, printed circuit boards
* Computers, monitors, and peripherals

Cool VHS Tape Crafts

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VHS Flowers

Crafty people can find all kinds of great uses for old video tape. I found some great tutorials on how to make bookends using old cds and vhs tapes. By stretching VHS tape you can use it for designing bracelets and creating flower and other designs to use for decorations.  There are so many old VHS tapes going to waste and this seams like a great way to reuse some.

Crafting with VHS Tape

VHS Dominoes

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Some bored High School students found 3,000 blank vhs tapes and decided to put them to good use. They set up the vhs dominoes to run all through the auditorium up and down stairs and all around the halls and some classrooms. The video is on YouTube. I couldn’t imagine working hard on that and then accidentally bumping into one and destroying everything. Hopefully that didn’t happen too many times.

A VCR Mail Slot

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A VCR mail slot seems like it would be great for any Netflix subscribers.

VCR Mail Slot

VHS External Hard Drive

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I found this over at Instructables. It seems like a great idea making an old favorite VHS tape into an external hard drive. Credit card info and personal data could easily be hidden from burglars. The LED light looks cool too.  VHS External Hard Drive

I Can’t Wait to do This to My Old VCR

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This may be more elaborate than the average person can construct, but it’s still worth pointing out.  Intstructables contributer, lemonie, has come up with a nifty solution for what to do with his old VCR… turn it into a toaster.  On this site, you can get a full description of how he did it.

When High Definition meant a Word’s First Dictionary Entry

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Want a giant new high definition flat-screen television?  I know I’d be more likely to make the switch if they looked more like the sets for sale at New Era Antiques.  On their site, you can browse, buy, sell, and repair antique electronic appliances such as televisions, telephones, and radios.  They specialize in Art Deco and modern designs. 

Check out more at

Bush Radio

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